Vision: The Writing Workshops, and a Quasi-Schedule

By Holly Lisle

Vision: The Writing Workshops I’m pleased to announce that Vision: The Writing Workshops is now available in the store in e-book form. $6.00.

I’d intended to start on the print workbook version for the Language Clinic today, too, but have run out of time. So that will be tomorrow, and Wednesday, and if I’m lucky, not much longer than that.

Following getting that on Lulu, I’m going to start writing and putting together the Create A Culture Clinic. I anticipate that taking at least the next month, working steadily. Because of necessary illustrations, tables, and so on, it may end up taking longer. I just need a little time away from fiction before I jump into The Ruby Key. I need to make a couple of character and plot changes before I start into it, and I have to let the issues seep under my skin for a little while.

Note that there are no dates on this schedule, no word counts, nothing of the sort. I’ll get back to those.

But not today.

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