Vipers’ Nest is live

The book went live about a week, week and a half ago. Maybe longer?

I’ve been buried in getting the site done, getting the affiliate program live, and it has been wall-to-wall, morning to night work for the last couple weeks.

So while I did remember to publish the story, I missed mentioning my own book launch. Anywhere. To anyone. <beating head on desk>

But this time I went wide, and part of what I’ve been doing was taking as much of the rest of my stuff wide as I could.

So here are the WIDE links (which means you can find these books in a bunch of different stores for the first time).

Longview 1-5 IN ORDER:

Born from Fire:
Suzee Delight:
Philosopher Gambit:
Gunslinger Moon:
NEW! Vipers’ Nest:

If your read it and love it, I’d deeply appreciate a review on your bookstore of choice.

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One response to “Vipers’ Nest is live”

  1. Elaine Bedigian Avatar
    Elaine Bedigian

    Been waiting for this. Just downloaded it.

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