Vipers’ Nest bug-hunts: DONE!

By Holly Lisle

What I thought would take one day has instead taken over two weeks and more than six butt-in-chair fully focused hours a day each day of those two weeks.

And I know that I will have introduced some new bugs in fixing the old bugs.

It happens. ALWAYS.

But I have to quit now. HAVE to.

This is as good as I can make the book (and at 38,000 words, it’s just under the low-end cutoff for a novel, so I’m not even uncomfortable in calling it a book instead of a story) in the time I have and with the resources I have.

I now have to move on to How to Write Short Stories lessons and How to Write a Novel class planning.

In a perfect universe, everyone would have infinite time and infinite resources in order to create infinite perfection.

My clock ticks loudly, though.

So I’m going to put the book together in Mobi, ePub, and PDF formats, and put it live on all the places I can. Today.

Like I said, I’m going wide from the very beginning with this stuff from now on. Will post a link as soon as I have one for those of you interested.

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