Vini, vidi, kickassi

By Holly Lisle

This morning went well. I had a nice long stretch of time and I really fell into the book — wrote two new scenes from scratch (about 4000 words), and managed in those two scenes to tie together the part of the book I’ve been retrofitting and dying over and the part at the end that wraps up with such a great bang. People fell into place, motivations became clear, and I managed to set up what happens next.

Good writing day.

On a more personal note, I can see again. Lost my glasses over the holidays and have not managed to find them. I ended up getting new (I figure I’ve been wearing glasses since I was nine, and this is the first time I’ve ever lost a pair. So while I feel bad about it, it’s not like I make it a habit.) My replacement glasses came in today, and I’m no longer feeling my way through the house.

And finally, I’m considering the role of weblogging in my life. Spent a few months not doing it, and am back to logging in regularly, but I want to figure out whether I want to continue to just write about the writing, or whether I want to expand. For what it’s worth.

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