Victims… Er… Language Clinic Testers Announced

By Holly Lisle

Twenty-nine folks signed up to volunteer. I looked over their entries and did not disqualify anyone. So that meant that each person would have a 1-in-14.5 chance of being chosen. Pretty decent odds, really.

I then wrote down the numbers 1-29 on a sheet of paper, cut them into rectangles, folded them in half, and dumped the papers into a snack bowl. Each entrant’s number was his or her reply number in the request for testers post.

I chose two. I’ve emailed both testers. My testers need to agree to get their comments and suggestions back to me by Monday (I’ll email a .pdf to them first thing tomorrow morning). If either doesn’t get back to me today with an e-mail accepting the deadline, or has to disqualify himself or herself due to a busy weekend or work or whatever, I’ll select replacements. Still have the snackie bowl, still have the rest of the numbered slips of paper.

Oh? The victims?

Reply 8, and Reply 20.
(No. I won’t leave it like that.)

Thanks to Rowan Wilson and Shawna, featured guinea pigs of the day.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered for this–you may yet be called into service.

The rest of the writing was on the sideline today. I’ll pick up with my other deadlines tomorrow morning.

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