Vacation OVER! New story, bigger maps, and starting Create A World Clinic today. #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

I enjoyed my vacation, which is to say that I slept through the end of 2012, and woke up in 2013 feeling human again.

So over the last couple days, I put a novella I wrote years ago (REWIND, which is the precursor to C–The Secret Project) into Kindle and ePub format, and I’ll put that up on Amazon, B&N, and my site later today. I ENORMOUSLY expanded the Cadence Drake Minecraft map, and that’s already available for download. I made the Cadence Drake “Goodies Page” open to everyone without membership, and fixed the broken links and missing content. So you can get both the HTCB theme song and the Minecraft map there.

Margaret and I tested the software she’s been building for me that will allow me to offer HTTS as a complete sequential course again, while also allowing affiliates to offer it along with every other product in my shop from one link (something we’ve been working on for about two years now, so this is a BIG deal for me. :D). She’ll install it into the live classroom for me in the next few days, and I’ll start rebuilding the course. This will take a while: How to Think Sideways is an enormous course with a LOT of pieces, and each piece has to be created as a separate product, tagged, and added to the appropriate page. It will be available as quickly as I can manage it, and when it is, HTTS LEGACY students will be able to upgrade for a small one-time price to get all their lessons in Kindle and Nook versions.

(This allows me to only have to build ONE version of the course, and moves Legacy students who want to be there into the new version, so they’ll be eligible for new-version upgrades. It also puts HTTS back into the queue as a live course to which I can add upgrades and expansions.)

But the big news today is this…

I’ve opened up the Create A World Clinic document in Scrivener, and I’m starting to write that now.

About time, too. :-/

So if you’re playing Write A Book With Me, this is my entry in the game.

I’ll post stats later. Right now, I want to get writing.

P.S. I have more news, but it’ll have to wait for another post.

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