Urgent Need for Three Shop Beta-Testers

I have a surprise debuting on Nov. 19th in the shop.

In order to do this debut, Margaret and I have to upgrade to the new shop software, because buyers need to be able to find and download multiple files from the same purchase.

I need three shop beta-testers who can commit two hours a day for two five-day periods to hammering the software and breaking things. Here’s the schedule Margaret sent me:

Nov 1-4 – I fix the bugs I know about and upgrade to the latest patches.
Nov 5-10 – beta testers hammer and report bugs. I try to fix as I go.
Nov 10-12 – finish fixing
Nov 13-15 – beta testers hammer again
Nov 16-18 – final patching and transfer over

If you can help out, you get a free copy of the surprise debut thing, which is worth a fair chunk of change. If you want the details, join my mailing list, right to your left on this page. But be quick. The beta offer goes away at midnight tonight my time and won’t be back until the official debut.

If you can do this—and I know it’s a big time commitment—please post here. First three who sign up are in.

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14 responses to “Urgent Need for Three Shop Beta-Testers”

  1. RayaPenName Avatar

    I finally have the money and the time but I forgot my card at home and have to wait till i get back to start. That is what i imagine hell must be like.

  2. RayaPenName Avatar

    Thank you for being so attentive can’t wait to start it.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Raya–I found the problem and fixed it. Sorry about that.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Raya. Talk me through it.

    If things go right, you click Add To Cart, click Checkout, fill in your name and e-mail address, click Continue a couple of times, Click the PayPal button. Go through PayPal by whatever method you prefer, but make SURE to click Return to Merchant when you’re done.

    When you’re back on the site, click Order History, click your order today, download your book.

    Where is it hanging up on you?

  5. RayaPenName Avatar

    Holly i’m having trouble purchasing the create a plot book, is there something that i’m missing.

  6. jtjavins Avatar

    Eeep, sorry. I totally forgot that my old email was in there. Updated now.

  7. Inkblot Avatar

    Drat, I hate being on a different time zone! I’m on holidays from now till, like February, so I’m available and willing for anything you need a hand with.

  8. Holly Avatar

    Jenn (jtjavins) — Sent the e-mail but it bounced. If you can update your e-mail address in the weblog, I’ll resend.

  9. Holly Avatar

    Margaret has okayed her beta testers, and I’m contacting you by e-mail now.

  10. blackWoof Avatar


    Willing to lend a hand at any stage…
    My background is tech, my life is in marketing, and in a previous version I was a user interface/experience specialist… because I don’t look at the screen as a tech jock, but as a user would.

    If you need me, contact at will.

    Free surprises are all the comp I ever need, and yours will certainly be worth the time!

    Did I mention, I’m good at kissing-up, too?


  11. Kaelem Avatar

    There’s already three people responding, but just in case:

    I’m available to help as well. In case you need it, I have a background in software, IT, web design, and a bunch of other blather. =)


  12. Jess Avatar

    What does “hammering” require?

    Do the two hours have to be in one chunk or can it be throughout the day?

    If the answer to the second question is “throughout the day” and the first one is “stuff that doesn’t require a technical background”, then I’m game.

  13. jtjavins Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    I’d be happy to help you beta test. I have a technical editor and software development background, so I think I can be of help.


  14. anderyn Avatar

    I can do it. It’d be in the evenings, but I can do it.


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