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All the menus for the weblog are missing following the upgrade of the site. Further, I’ve discovered that my entire blogroll has vanished, and apparently did so some time back, when I changed the site over from Joomla to WordPress.

I apologize for the lack of navigation within the weblog, and I have a call out for help to get me back up and running again.

As for the blogroll, it’s well and truly gone, so I’m debating the best way to link out to other sites I find helpful. At least I finally realized it went missing. If you have some websites you’d like to suggest that offer great reader or writing content, recommend them below.

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Upgrade issues. — 9 Comments

  1. The Internet Archive is a good suggestion.

    If it doesn’t work, you can get the info from the underlying Joomla database or a backup of it.

    There’s a nice webtool called phpMyAdmin that works well for basic database administration and navigation. Your webhost provider may already have it installed.

    Don’t forget to back up your new WordPress site on a regular basis. At least do it before making significant changes or updates. You don’t want an update or plugin bringing your site down. If your hosting site takes care of backups, make sure they both test them and keep a recent copy offsite.


  2. The only problem I have with Terrible Minds is that he seems to repeat stuff that Holly or other books can give you–minus the vulgarity (which doesn’t bother me in and of itself). Not sure how receptive he his to posting comments of those that are not in his “circle”. I don’t think he’s like Holly, and if you want someone to respond back–he won’t so much. He originally wanted his site to be just him and other authors to come together and gab . . . or share ideas. It’s not a place for newbies to actively participate. Jeff Goins at http://www.goinswriter.com is a really nice site I enjoy a lot.

  3. I added these 20 blogs to my reader and will sift out as I decide any are not my style:


    A source of potential blog-reading-bliss:


    A few of my personal faves:

    (on how to create the MFA effect in your life permanently)

    (a deceased blog but contains some gems)

    (about social media for writers)

    A few more on my radar:


    And, of course, my own Flashquake blog:

    (Yes, the entire address. We’ve not officially fired up the blog yet, but have slated that to occur on Feb 1, 2012. Our new Social Media Guru has spent the holidays learning and developing our plan!)

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