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Updating the Schedule — 12 Comments

  1. Other stuff.

    Print version of Language Clinic—yes. That’s a few days of work. It’ll be soon.

    Tonk addiction—yes. I love the Tonk, and am going nuts waiting to get back to them. I’m hoping like mad that the paperback version of Hawkspar does well enough that Tor will want more Tonk books.

    Other clinics—interspersed with contracted and on-spec fiction, and as quickly as I can get to them.

    All disclaimers, however, apply.

  2. Hanging fire is a firearms term that originated around the time of Mark Twain, when occasionally the erratic guns of the era would fail to fire immediately, but would discharge not long after—sometimes as the user was inspecting the weapon to see what went wrong.

    The phrase is used today to describe delaying, and not in a good way. My student has been waiting for comments on her revision, and from her end of things, it pretty much has to feel like hanging fire.

    More details on the term.

  3. I’m gonna need that Finish The Book Clinic. Hopefully that’ll be all it takes to get me to actually make it past the first few chapters of these extremely complex stories I tend to plan…

    Anyway, good luck.

    Currently looking forward to nearly everyone of those clinics. 🙂

  4. JaCop – I’m with you. We could set up a therapy group!

    #2 happens so often any more, I’m beginning to believe that is the plan! LOL!

    But I have to ask: “…hanging fire”???


  5. Hawkspar! Yes!

    I need a Tonk fix, I think I’m going into withdrawal! 🙂

    Like the Lennon reference – my favorite song of all time, BTW.

    Good luck with all that work . . .


  6. Finish the Book Clinic.
    Oh yeah, I am now anxiously awaiting that one. Knowing just HOW to end my stories is one of the biggest problems I have.

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