Updating the Schedule

So around June, I had everything planned out. And then I needed to write one book a full year earlier than it had been planned. And I did. But doing so wrecked every other item in my schedule. Obliterated. Toasted. Annihilated.

Turns out, I could do the insane “everything at once” provisional schedule only for a few days, and then my brain shut down, and I had to step back. I got the Language Clinic and NIGHT ECHOES written. And will finish the write-in of NIGHT ECHOES today, and the type-in in the next couple of days.

But that leaves a lot of stuff languishing. I have a student thing that’s been hanging fire; that’s next. Then the final HAWKSPAR edit, a lot of which is done—that had a lot front-end problems that went away by the end of the book, so having most of the front-book issues already finished, I’m thinking (just thinking here) that the rest of that will go more or less smoothly.

And then what?

Create A Culture Clinic (Worldbuilding II)
The Ruby Key (Moon and Sun I)
Create A World Clinic (Worldbuilding III)
Project Blue
Create A Plot Clinic
Moon and Sun II
Storyshowing Clinic
C, the Secret Project
Finish the Book Clinic

And more stuff after that…God willing and the creek don’t rise.

NOTICE: The Surgeon General has declared that creating schedules can be detrimental to your health and sanity, and that schedule dependence has been linked with weight gain, weight loss, hirsutism, hair loss, nervousness, nausea, vomiting, auditory hallucinations, angina, GERD, hypertension, hypotension, insanity, and death. Pregnant women, women who might become pregnant, persons with preexisting liver or kidney or heart conditions, and people with eyelids should avoid scheduling. If you experience side effects from scheduling, stop immediately and consult your doctor.

DISCLAIMER #1: This schedule is subject to Life, which happens while one is making other plans.

DISCLAIMER #2: (Marine Adage) No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.

DISCLAIMER #3: (Yiddish Adage) Men plan, God laughs.

DISCLAIMER #4: (Nursing Instructor Adage) CYA

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12 responses to “Updating the Schedule”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Other stuff.

    Print version of Language Clinic—yes. That’s a few days of work. It’ll be soon.

    Tonk addiction—yes. I love the Tonk, and am going nuts waiting to get back to them. I’m hoping like mad that the paperback version of Hawkspar does well enough that Tor will want more Tonk books.

    Other clinics—interspersed with contracted and on-spec fiction, and as quickly as I can get to them.

    All disclaimers, however, apply.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Hanging fire is a firearms term that originated around the time of Mark Twain, when occasionally the erratic guns of the era would fail to fire immediately, but would discharge not long after—sometimes as the user was inspecting the weapon to see what went wrong.

    The phrase is used today to describe delaying, and not in a good way. My student has been waiting for comments on her revision, and from her end of things, it pretty much has to feel like hanging fire.

    More details on the term.

  3. Like_A_Machine Avatar

    I’m gonna need that Finish The Book Clinic. Hopefully that’ll be all it takes to get me to actually make it past the first few chapters of these extremely complex stories I tend to plan…

    Anyway, good luck.

    Currently looking forward to nearly everyone of those clinics. 🙂

  4. jessiegirl21 Avatar

    You know you’re introuble when you have to plan out a list of plans you have to make.

    p.s. I am anxiously awaiting the create a plot clinic!

  5. lohengrin Avatar

    Language Clinic print version!! *begs*

  6. JaCop Avatar


    (Standing slowly . . .)

    “Hello, my name is Jim . . . and i’m a Tonk-aholic!”

    Thanks for that visual, PJ!

  7. PJ Avatar

    JaCop – I’m with you. We could set up a therapy group!

    #2 happens so often any more, I’m beginning to believe that is the plan! LOL!

    But I have to ask: “…hanging fire”???


  8. JaCop Avatar

    Hawkspar! Yes!

    I need a Tonk fix, I think I’m going into withdrawal! 🙂

    Like the Lennon reference – my favorite song of all time, BTW.

    Good luck with all that work . . .


  9. shawna Avatar

    Glad to see the clinics back on the horizon… and happy that things (read:life) is smoothing out a bit…

  10. heather Avatar

    I so admire your work ethic. It makes me want to work harder.

    (And welcome back! Your faithful readers missed you. :))

  11. Bettye Avatar

    Finish the Book Clinic.
    Oh yeah, I am now anxiously awaiting that one. Knowing just HOW to end my stories is one of the biggest problems I have.

  12. Krista Avatar

    I think I like disclaimer #3 the best. I often think God has a very wicked sense of humor. Or a lot of patience…I’m not sure which.

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