Talyn is coming along well. I’m on schedule and I like what I’m getting. It’s taking me a lot of effort and hours to get the pages, but since I’m getting them, I’m not complaining.

In my spare time, I’ve been working on the cool surprise for next month’s challenge. Like the Writers’ Research Index, it’s going to be a lot bigger than a one-month thing, and I think it will be a tremendous amount of fun, as well as creating a terrific resource for the community. Of course, like any other web work that requires any sort of fiddling around with CGI and SSI and HTML, it’s turning into a time sink, but I’m making decent progress on it, too. I am, however, damned grateful I gave myself some extra time to get the thing done.

I’ve been pretty much nonexistant elsewhere. I’m way behind on my e-mail, have been in the community for a couple of minutes at a time, haven’t managed to drop into chat. I’ll be around a bit more once the … thing … is finished. If I get it done early, I’ll start letting people in early.

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