Updated Writers’ Guidelines for Rebel Tales

Due to a number of questions via various channels, I’ve updated the Rebel Tales Writers’ Guidelines.

I’ve done a lot of clarification on payment, and other smaller clarifications, added some new definitions, restructured the page so that writing guidelines are first, publishing information is second, and submission guidelines are third, and corrected errors pointed out.

If you’re interested in writing (or editing) for Rebel Tales, check out the guidelines, and ask any questions about them here.

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4 responses to “Updated Writers’ Guidelines for Rebel Tales”

  1. Fawn Avatar

    Very cool idea, Holly! It’s the same reason we did the same for mainstream fiction, an edited online magazine of fiction. STORIES! I think the best review we got stated that we weren’t like the rest of the pretentious slop online. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Roisin Avatar

    This whole thing is such a cool idea. I used to lurk a lot in the F&SF section of the fanfiction community, and there were millions of us wishing there were somewhere we could go for good quality fiction.

    Another thing I noticed was that good stories tended to become famous even in the vast sinkhole that is the internet, and that it was all spread by word of mouth. We can be a pretty efficient lot at disseminating information.

    I agree with hypnobri that the guidelines read like a compressed writing course; sometimes, if you’re trying to improve, there seems to be so much advice it’s difficult to keep it all in your head while writing. I’ll certainly be referring back to them even if I’m not submitting a story to Rebel Tales.

    I’ll certainly be on board as a reader.

    Roisin ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Shawn Hansen Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    I was unable to get the “Subscribe to the Rebel Tale Writers’ Updates” submission to work. (Page: http://rebeltales.com/rebel-tales-general-guidelines.php)

    I know you’re juggling a ton of stuff (and doing it well), but I thought you’d like to know.


  4. hypnobri Avatar

    I haven’t read the updated guidelines yet, but I read them when you first put them up and I just want to say they are a compressed full writing course. Good job!


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