Update, and moving on

I want to thank everyone who e-mailed me or posted here offering condolences on the closing of Rebel Tales. And I’d like to reassure folks who were concerned that my closing Rebel Tales meant Kirsten Anderson/Kate Ferreri/whateverthehell-her-name-really-is had somehow “won” that they need not worry. She hasn’t won anything.

At the point where I discovered I had created something that could be badly misused, by discovering someone who had already misused it, I had two choices. I could pretend it could never happen again, or I could face the truth that if it had happened once, it WOULD happen again.

Yes, closing Rebel Tales is a huge loss for me in many ways, both financially and in terms of losing something I loved. It is a heartbreaking blow for the editors I actually did choose and for the writers they chose— though as I write this, there is a possibility some good may still come from this for them, anyway.

But if I decided to preserve my investment rather than my integrity, I wouldn’t be worth much as a human being.

I made the human choice. The moral choice. Not the dollars-and-cents choice. I closed Rebel Tales because it was the right thing to do.

I spent yesterday in a sick-to-my-stomach blue funk. I shed my tears. I’m done with that.

Now I’m moving on.

I still have fallout to deal with in terms of working to prevent Kirsten Anderson/ Kate Ferreri from profiting from her actions.

But I have a couple of promised courses to deliver, and a book to write, and deadlines to meet. I hope to be able to put the stand-alone version of How To Write Your Series on sale tomorrow.

My final word on this?

Life kicks you. So what? If it doesn’t kill you, you stand up and get back to living.

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12 responses to “Update, and moving on”

  1. John Hick Avatar

    PS. – Set up a discard email address for our communications; this way, you can terminate contact by canceling the address. This is a safeguard for you.

  2. John Hick Avatar

    Please, Holly, do not over-react.

    It is possible to re-open Rebel Tales, with proper safeguards. I have 35 years of experience in security, investigations, intelligence and, information technology. I have not yet competed in Rebel Tales and, if you follow my suggestions, I will be forever forbidden to enter the competition under conflict-of-interest. This is MY bad luck – no one else’s.

    Rebel Tales is important to your fans and to yourself.

    Please, do not over-react like the government and “throw out the baby with the bathwater.”

    Safeguards such as background investigations, can be implemented at a very low cost. Aggressive prosecution following a breach (if any) should be a standard practice; this warns all potential offenders that they WILL face a penalty if they commit a fraudulent practice as “agents” of your brand.

    In the interest of Rebel Tales, please contact me – via my email address which is registered on your site. I will then provide you with a phone number which you may call between 6 PM and 9 PM, Pacific (I live in the Mountain zone).

    Please do something other than “fold your tents” for Rebel Tales! It is too innovative and refreshing to simply disappear because of one malignant individual. Rename the project, if legal liabilities are the problem. I can think of dozens, myself – “The ReGenesis Project,” “Write With Abandon,” “Boundaries Optional,” etc. I am certain that you can do much better!

    I implore you to bring back something unique and wonderful which you delivered into this world; it is like a baby, it must be nurtured – ONE BAD NANNY MUST NOT CAUSE YOU TO DISCARD YOUR PROGENY!


  3. Thea Avatar

    Ok, now that I understand better why you made the choice you did, I can see that you did the right thing. Kudos to you for being as strong as you are.

    I can’t wait for all the awesome things coming up this year! 🙂

  4. Nicki Savantes Avatar

    Well, one thing I have to give you, Holly: you’re certainly no whiner! Respect to you (fist to chest twice) for having integrity triumph over financial gain, and for being able to put this ugly business behind you so quickly, I know it must have been a harsh decision.
    So, I guess all of us are eagerly waiting for you to kick ass again with your awesome scheduled courses and events…
    While you’re working so very hard, please don’t forget to take VERY good care of yourself…
    All the best,

  5. Jess Haynes Avatar

    Holly, glad to hear that you are doing well. I am looking forward to what more comes of your projects, always. I also eagerly await the series course. I’ll be reviewing it on my blog!

  6. Robert Billing (Astropolis) Avatar
    Robert Billing (Astropolis)


    What can I say?

    I can say this: Don’t be too quick to give up on your dream.

    “If a thing is good it can be done, if it is bad it can be done without.” (Anna Sewell)

    I will soon be contacting you by e-mail.

  7. Sandra Clarke Avatar
    Sandra Clarke

    This is just heartwrenching for you, the editors, the writers, the readers. I’m amazed you only took a day to pull your thoughts together coherently.

    Hugs to you.

  8. Nancy Avatar

    You’re right, of course, although it’s still painful. As my father would have said to me: “Suck it up, soldier! Prove you’re better than this!”

  9. Jessic@ Avatar

    I’m still sorry to hear that this is the end of Rebel Tales, but I have to respect you for making the choice that you feel is right. Very happy to hear that it’s not kept you down, though, and that you’re right back up on that horse.

  10. Michelle Avatar

    Holly, it’s great to see you back, and I hope what you hinted at will work out for you editors.

    In the mean time, I wanted to tell you that your HTRYN course is working wonders for me. I’m coming down to the end of revising my first novel and the soon to be typed in story sitting in front of me is ten times better than the one I had a few months ago. So thank you, Holly, for everything you do.

  11. Sarah Avatar

    Huzzah! A little more world-wary, a little thicker skin, and right back in the action.

  12. JWD Avatar

    It’s like they say: when life gives you lemons, add vodka.

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