Upcoming Writing Project Poll Update

By Holly Lisle

The polls are still open, but strong trends have emerged early, and our frontrunners….

Aagh. I can’t do it. I’m already so sick of polls and frontrunners I can’t see straight.

Thank you for voting on my upcoming for-writers projects, and thank you very much for your comments and e-mails. Both surveys are still open, and these results could change dramatically, but right now, this is where we stand. I have to say I would never have guessed your choices in a million years.

Which is why I asked. I’ve discovered that I’m a lousy mindreader. 😀

Small Courses

Votes So Far

How to Write Page-Turning Scenes 79
How to Start Your Novel 49
How to Write Stories That Break Their Hearts 47
How to Finish Your Novel 30
How to Polish and Submit Your Novel 29
How to Pitch to Pro Markets 20

Big Courses

Votes So Far

How to Think Sideways 85
Create A World Clinic 62
Novel-Writing Secrets 46
Crit of the Month Club 34
Character Clinic Upgrade 13
How to Write in a New Genre 13



Oh, yes. Today I’m editing THE SILVER DOOR. Expect me to be a wee bit scarce until that’s done.

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