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  1. Hi Holly, I’ve found another avenue of research that may help out with your migraines. I’m suffering with more migraines ever since 40. I think that as we women reduce our estrogen production, we are more sensitive to our mineral deficiencies. Someone told me to try Magnesium for migraines and I found a lot of research connecting magnesium, calcium and sodium levels to migraines. We don’t get as much magnesium these days since most of us drink bottled or filtered water. Hair testing is the best, but I’m too busy and cheap. I’m trying Magnesium spray on my skin (best absorption, no digestion issues) and calcium supplements to see if I get less migraines. Here’s two websites that explain more details:



    I’m an engineer, so I’m into research and sick of migraines lately. I do find that even 25mg of Imitrex does head off my migraine since I do not like using these drugs. Let me know if you try magnesium or do any hair testing. I just started my $10 spray on magnesium this week and happened to look up The Emerald Sun progress since my daughter and I read first two books together and I happen to see that you are suffering like me. I’ve already tried to abstain from bacon (salts) and ice cream and fortunately not triggers. I have had more since my thyroid slowed down too (on meds). Good luck with your migraines! Jill

  2. I’m so glad this is working for you!

    Notes on biochemistry from a scientist-but-not-biologist: sodium exists in a seesaw with potassium. Short version: they need to have the correct ratio, and if you’re having to basically eliminate sodium, then it’s likely that you’re a tad low on potassium. Worth looking into, at any rate – a *lot* of people are a tad low on potassium.

    But you do just get salt-sensitive individuals who eat salt and get blood pressure problems, which can cause migraines (and other mechanisms too…) so it’s not a sure think. Worth a few extra bananas though, maybe.

    • Or kale and fresh spinach, which are less tasty than bananas, but a lot higher in potassium.

      Am looking into this now. 😀 Thanks.

    • HTTS has been successfully taken by novelists, short-story writers, nonfiction writers, folks working on screenplays or stage plays, journalists, editors, and more.

      You can use my techniques, processes, and system to create any form of fiction, as well as adapt much of it to nonfiction.

      • I suspected so, but you have given me new confidence… I skipped writing a novel last year but I’m going to write one again this year I think. I was just digging back through HTTS and I found the sweet spot maps I made a couple of years ago (or so)… WOW they pack a punch!! Good to great, indeed!

        I was thusly reminded (again after being first reminded thru your new flash fiction course) that your techniques are nothing short of absolutely BRILLIANT. You are a genius! Thank you ever so much for sharing with all of us 🙂

  3. Ms. Lisle,

    I am a fan of your Moon&Sun series, and can’t wait to get my hands on book 3. How close are you to finishing it, and how long will it be?

    Thank you!

    • I WAS about a third of the way done. At some point, however, about two years ago, I put the file into a location on my hard drive that I then deleted while cleaning out a bunch of trash files.

      So I am back to Page One, Word Zero. That was disheartening. But I’ll start writing it later this year, in conjunction with a writing course I’m teaching.

      I hope to have it in print next year.

  4. I’ve had the same problems with migraines recently, and my mom figured out that I shouldn’t be eating anything with MSG in it, because she has the same problem. My dad can eat that stuff without suffering from anything though. Curse him.

  5. I’m so glad you found what was triggering the migraines and that you’re feeling much better, Holly. Take good care of yourself.

  6. Migraines are the Devil’s torment. Glad you’ve ID’d the trigger.
    I also am returning to writing after a long struggle.
    Where do I stand – have yet to comlplete HTRYN.
    Am looking forwards to reading your Settled Space stories.

  7. I am delighted you found a solution. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies, fresh meat. You’re going to be so healthy 🙂 .
    All processed food has salt and corn syrup for preservatives. Try to avoid genetically engineered frankenfood. That’s one of my soapbox farmer issues. Just a thought, since sodium is the issue, be wary of water softeners, too. The salt in those made my feet swell. Could potentially effect your inner ear as well. Sneaky salt rabbit. Get the Elmer Fudd gun and shoot it.

  8. I’m so glad you finally found a way to manage, if not beat, the migraines. Matt and your kids must be relieved too.
    Looking forward to World Clinic and the expanded series stuff. I’m trying to plan an interlinked series myself. Scary how you read my mind sometimes with the timing of your courses!

  9. I’ve been watching sodium for years. It’s amazing how much is in prepared food. Yowza!

    Glad you figured out how to control your migraines and yay on the progress of your work.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about your continued battle with migraines. I’m glad you figured out the salt thing, at least that way you can try to manage them. You do amazing work and an amazing amount of writing and are inspirational, especially considering the headaches (no pun) of site glitches and everything else that goes with the massive amount of material you’ve made available to writers. Thank you. And I wish you success in meeting your stated goals. 🙂

    • Thanks, Cheryl.

      Matt gets ALL the credit for figuring out the salt thing, though. I was on my fourth or fifth straight week with the same migraine, and he got on the internet and started digging. Isolated Meniere’s Syndrome as the the the neurologist told us couldn’t be ruled out, figured out that middle ear fluid build-up that cause pain and vertigo might go away if I cut out the salt, and made sure we only had food in the house that I could safely eat. Within three days, the migraine was gone.

      We don’t know I have Meniere’s Syndrome. We know I don’t have brain aneurysms, a brain tumor, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a bunch of other things, but Meniere’s is defined by ruling everything else out.

      Doesn’t much matter what it is. Cutting out the sodium fixes it.

  11. As a thought, I’ve also heard potassium and sodium levels are strongly linked. You might try also focusing on eating high potassigm foods to help combat sodium.

    Anyway, I’m really glad you’re finding something that works and feeling better.

  12. Stay away from monosodium glutamate. Where too much salt might give me a headache, MSG gives me life-sucking migraines. MSG has lots of other names, so look it up on the internet if you don’t know what they are. It’s even included as “natural flavorings.”

  13. So glad you’re feeling better AND that you have a straightforward (if not easy) way to prevent the headaches! You’ve probably already noticed this, but sodium’s fairly easy to avoid – if you do pretty much all your own cooking. Processed food or restaurant food or takeout food will make you pay. Alas.



  14. Food triggers are just awful. I have a garden and I can and freeze. Makes a diff I erence.

    If you’ve been plagued with migraines these past weeks then I must congratulate you on your staff. I enrolled in HTTS Ultra and just couldn’t get into the thing. ‘Your people’ helped me out and I thank you and those invisible people who took my hand and guided me to the right place. I know it was my problem (I’m only one step above taking a sledge hammer to my computer every day because it does’t think the way I do).

    Thanks again.

  15. I learned a couple of years ago, don’t ask me how, that salt, don’t even give it scientific status by calling it sodium, is the primary ingredient of prepared, packaged, and canned foods.

    If you have to open a can or bag, rinse it before you use it. That helps a lot.

    It’ll be a pain for a week or two, but the the next time (and you may want to avoid my advise for this very reason) you eat at a restaurant you will be appalled at how salty your meal is — even a baked potato.

    My bride and I do Sushi for this very reason.The only salt is what the fish lived in.

    I’m not a radical, but a few weeks without salt, like a few weeks without TV, will change your life.

    But, it won’t make it easier.

  16. I get migraines whenever I drink soda or eat foods with artificial colors. When I eat a whole foods diet (dairy-free), I get very few migraines. Dr. Fuhrman is all about the low-sodium diet… maybe he’s got it figured out. I can’t stick to a vegan diet, though.

  17. Holly, I’ve looked at this course for some time now.

    I sent an email, then just got this post, suggesting I use this venue instead.


    If I saw what I think I would in the first class, would you ship the revision course a month “on demand?” Not the weekly thing? I’m swapping between two wip revisions and if am going to do this, need to be able to move at my speed.

    I worked through your first page wb and really liked it.

    • General response to the question above.

      Unless you are a pro with a contract on a deadline who has discovered yourself with a broken book, I will not offer the course in any form other than the weekly lessons.

      The first lesson alone takes the vast majority of students with longer stories (more than about 60,000 words), more than a week, and those who have written books in in the 200,000+ range have needed as much as six months.

      This is the toughest, most rigorous, most mentally demanding course I offer.

      • It is tough, rigorous, and demanding, but participants can ALWAYS complete at their own pace. I’m in the inaugural version of the course (almost three years now?) and have not finished yet, but I highly recommend it.

  18. Is it sodium specifically, salt generally, or something like MSG that’s the trigger? If you take an unsalted food (like, say, home-made mashed potatoes) and put salt on it, does that trigger problems?

    • It’s sodium. Which means I’m now drinking only water, eating no packaged foods, and that we’ve stopped almost entirely going to restaurants.

      I have fresh fruit in the morning, fresh fruit at lunch, and generally some form of pasta with fresh sauce, or meat and a fresh vegetable, at night.

      Holidays with family have become…complex.

      And in spite of liking salt even more than I like chocolate (which is saying a lot) I am no longer using the salt shaker. At all.

      • I guess at this point you have to stay rigorous with not using any form of it? Like sea salt? i hope you’re better very soon.

        I’m looking forward to your create a world clinic with great excitement!

    • while it’s obvious you’ve narrowed down sodium as the culprit, you might also consider looking into MSG – it’s rarely labeled on processed food items because it can be finagled in under “natural flavor,” “seasoning,” “natural spice,” and “yeast extract.” Apparently it’s something that is produced under certain methods of heating proteins as well AND it’s exuded in packaging such as coated metal cans. There’s interesting research by a biochemist named Katherine Reid who found it positively correlated with her daughter’s autism symptoms – removal from her diet allowed her daughter to reach age-level competence in nearly all ways.

      Obviously a migraine is a different creature and it sounds like you’ve gotten your list of acceptable foods in order but I just wanted to point out that MSG might be a contributing factor (given that it IS a sodium) if it’s in things you don’t suspect it being in that seem to inexplicably trigger a migraine.

      I know, unsolicited advice…

      anyway, while I’m looking forward to the upcoming results of your finding the New Super-Holly under ten tons of headache, I can only imagine how ecstatic YOU are!

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