How to Write a Novel

Upcoming Class: How to Write a Novel: What’s in the Lessons?

I’m going to do a live YouTube chat on Thursday, September 6 at 1:30 PM ET, and will be sending out a reminder email for folks who want to come. I’ll be answering questions about the upcoming class during the chat, and making sure I’ve covered everything folks need to know.

So you’ll know what I’m planning on covering, you can download the PDF I put together about how I’m currently planning to present the class. My planned lessons are subject to possible additions if folks ask questions that I don’t have covered AND that are essential to helping you get your novel written.

Download your PDF of the current Class Lesson Outline


If you have questions about writing a novel and DON’T see the answer to your question, come to the chat on Thursday and ask there. This is a provisional lesson. I’m not removing any lessons, but I am open to adding a few more if the questions hit something you need to know about novel writing that no one else asked.

  • Important: This class will cover novel writing.
  • It will NOT cover revision, marketing, or publishing, which are enormous subjects on their own.
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