Uneasy suspicions

By Holly Lisle

Books have rhythms when you’re writing them. I’m noticing a bit of a stutter-step with this one. I got a bit over 1200 words today — finished up the triplet of scenes with Molly and Baanraak. Tomorrow I’ll start in again with Pete and Lauren and Heyr. The scenes with any or all of those three have unrolled at an easy 2000 words a day, leaving me feeling that I could have just kept going. The scenes with Baanraak and Lauren have been uniformly slower, harder to write, and with smaller final word counts — and when I’m done with them, I am by-God done. Reading over the material, I like what I have in both sections equally well. But if this pattern continues, I may have to refigure my schedule. I built in a lot of padding for the due date, but padding is one of those things you really don’t want to use if you can avoid it.

Here’s hoping my time with the other three goes smoothly tomorrow — and here’s hoping that something clicks for me with Baanraak and Molly and they become easier to work with.

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