Um … Office Chores Today

Will be writing again tomorrow.

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9 responses to “Um … Office Chores Today”

  1. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    Ah ha! It’s at the bottom of the page, not on the side anymore. That’s odd. If I scroll all the way past recent posts, it’s all there. Odd. I’m using IE something; I’m on a computer in my college library.

  2. izzybaz Avatar

    LOL! Too bad I can’t spell SIDEBAR, though! 🙂

  3. izzybaz Avatar

    I can see the right sidebard and I’m using Firefox 1.5.06 (on a Mac, if it helps). Coincidentally, I love the new design! I’ve been playing with blog layouts myself, yours is beautiful and clean.

  4. Holly Avatar

    TJ—Office chores: erk. After deadline on top of deadline, my desk was a disaster area, I had a curtain rod and curtain that had been waiting almost a year to go up, I needed to file a bunch of stuff (contracts, royalty statements [or non-statements, actually], letters), and somewhere along the way I noticed that about half of my floor had been eaten by yarn. Yesterday I fixed most of that. I still have books stacked everywhere that are awaiting the purchase of bookshelves that haven’t quite made their way into the budget, but I can work in here and find things.

    Rose, Katherine—Is the right sidebar still missing for you, and if it is, what browser are you using?

  5. klharrds Avatar

    Yep, its not there for me either, perhaps one of Holly’s office chores invloved fiddling with the lay out?

  6. The English Rose Avatar
    The English Rose

    Am I the only one having this problem? The right side of the blog isn’t showing up; all the categories and links. When I go into an entry I see the categories for the blog just fine, but again, on the front of the blog, nothing. ??

  7. TJ Avatar

    Um…I don’t want to sound too geeky, but what kind of office chores? Is it cleaning, more along the lines of organizing computer files, or something totally different? I’m just curious because I like to see how others organize, and I figure your mind works in very interesting ways.

  8. Holly Avatar

    I’m glad I could help. I think dreams matter. I think making them into reality matters even more. Glad you’re working on yours.

  9. NoelFigart Avatar

    Not on topic, but I wanted to thank you for putting Forward Motion articles out there on your site.

    I stumbled across it at the end of last March.

    In that time, I took a random idea I had for a novel, developed it, plotted it, wrote it, and revised it. Yesterday sent it off to a publisher I’d researched who takes the type of novel I wrote. I also have a list of agents I’m querying. The first query goes out tomorrow.

    Today I’m walking to the store to pick up some note cards to start storyboarding my next novel.

    I’ve wanted to be a professional writer of fiction since I was ten (I’m 37), but I’d never applied the butt glue and *planning* necessary to do the things that can make that dream a reality. That you were willing to put out articles that show the profession as well as the art have been a great boon to me.


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