Typing in the cards, and Opera

This morning I’m typing the notecards into an outline template, letting my mind relax and just waiting for the click that will give me the one thread that ties the whole thing together. I anticipate finding that, as long as I don’t look too hard.

Meanwhile … did you know that in the latest version of Opera, you can click a single box in Preferences and never have to close another pop-up advertising window again. Opera intelligently opens pop-up links that you click in new windows, but DOES NOT OPEN POP-UP ADS. (Unless you want it to. You can choose to open them selectively, or to have all of them open automatically, too, though I cannot imagine anyone doing this.)

It is a thing of beauty — so beautiful, in fact, that I’m not using the freeware version anymore. I actually bought the registered version. Zowie! There are a zillion other magnificent things it does, too, but if that were its only wonder, it would be enough.

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