Typing done, and the magnificent F11 key

By Holly Lisle

Okay — the outline is typed in in by-character form. Now I need to start the cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop process of making it all fit into a single storyline. Don’t know why I couldn’t get through this by spreading the cards out on the floor. That usually works; it’s a visual process that almost always makes sense for me. This time I just couldn’t get things to jell. So I’ll go at it from another angle.

And, oh, Opera, the Wonder Browser … when you toggle the F11 key, it moves you between full-screen mode and browser-frame mode. So if you’re on a site where you’re going to be for a while, you can eliminate the browser entirely and just work on the site — for me, it’s great for the community. All the screen real estate is suddenly wide-open, everything fits, and it’s pretty. And if I need the browser again, F11 snaps it back into place.

God, I love this program.

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