Two Sections Down

By Holly Lisle

Hawkspar revisions are going well. I’ve completed two sections already, and only have two more to go to complete the write-in on the manuscript. I’m aware that when I’ve finished the write-in, I will have done less than half of the work. Not a happy thought, but at least I will have something measurable accomplished. Tomorrow I’ll do the line-per-scene for the new version. Tuesday, I’ll jump into the type-in.

I took yesterday off. I discovered that I was staring at the same paragraph, reading it over and over again, and the headache was amazing. So I conceded the need for time away from the book, and spent the day vegetating, watching Romans on the History Channel and working on an oil painting I’m massacring and enjoying the fact that the temperature outside is finally below 100 degrees (the last few days, we’ve had weather in the mid-eighties, which is simply lovely.

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