Two Reds, Two Oranges, One Yellow, and DONE!

The Wall is behind me. Nothing ahead now but green, green, mostly green. [g] I’m finished with 127,281 words revised out of a total of 184,702, and page 628 of 922.

Long, long writing day, and I never made it to ISY. But … damn. What I did get done makes up for that.

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4 responses to “Two Reds, Two Oranges, One Yellow, and DONE!”

  1. Miss Nienke Avatar

    I think this technique might be perfect to help me get through the first draft of my novel. I keep stopping and rewriting scenes, if I card them, I can get a move on — without losing my ideas.
    And congrats on your progress!

  2. Holly Avatar

    Miss Neinke — it’s a technique I invented just for this book, so all I have are blog entries. The two relevant ones are Working Backward in Neon and The Line-for-Scene Is Done. I’ll note, as I’ve noted previously, that this technique is too much work for anything but a deeply wrecked book that has enough salvagable parts to make you want to save it.

  3. Miss Nienke Avatar

    Holly, do you have an article posted on how you use the color-coded scene cards?

  4. PolarBear Avatar

    Magnificent news! Good for you!

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