Two Recommended Articles

WorldWatch – January 15, 2006 – Iraq — Quit or Stay? – The Ornery American

National Policy Analysis, Global Warming
I’m getting writing on Cady II done at the moment, but I received one of these links from a friend, and found the other one from the first one, and I highly, HIGHLY recommend both.

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  1. KatFeete Avatar

    I don’t want to get into politics here, but the second article is published by an organization which was founded “to provide the conservative movement with a versatile and energetic organization capable of responding quickly and decisively to fast-breaking issues,” which makes me a little dubious about their objectivity. The author is, insofar as I can track her record, a public policy analyst and not a scientist, and all the articles cited were from popular media sources; I tracked everything back as far as I could but wasn’t able to find any scientific papers cited anywhere.

    I have a science background and I’m the first to admit that global climate change is a theory, and a flawed theory in many ways. This paper, however, isn’t presenting a theory; it’s declaring an opinion.

    I quite like the new site colors, by the way — very soothing on the eyes. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into giving us something nice to look at!

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