Two projects at once: World Clinic and 7-Day Crash-Revision

I’m doing Create A World Clinic in the mornings, and working with Margaret on the site in the afternoons, where I’m doing “Testing & Breaking” (my specialty) on her lovely software, and at the same time setting up a new version of 7-Day Crash Revision as a way to learn how to use the software while at the same time creating something useful.

We’re going to talk about prices soon—in the current economy, especially when I expect it’ll get worse, I’m going to be doing some special low-priced courses with the focus on getting writers ready to put their work up on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and your own sites, to start supplementing incomes.

The revised, updated, and expanded 7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop is going to be the first of those. It was originally designed exclusively for writers who were already selling, and who were getting requests from editors for a complete turn-around on an editor’s revision needed back in one or two weeks.

I’m expanding the course to include short story revision and self-publishing, and have taken into account that probably a lot of folks who take it will have:

  1. Never revised anything before,
  2. Won’t be able to afford the full 22-week How To Revise Your Novel course,
  3. Will be using it to do a first revision on a novel, for which—I’ll be blunt—it is not designed.

I cannot teach anyone in three lessons spread over seven days the same material I can teach in twenty-two weeks.

But I can teach you how to find and fix some big problems in seven days—and even if you’re nearly broke and using 7-Day Crash Revision to fix a NaNoWriMo novel (this is essentially a revision Worst Case Scenario) you’ll have something better when you’re done than you had when you started.

The course will be very helpful for self-pubbers who are breaking into print with shorter fiction. (I recommend the 10,000-word novella, because you can sell one for a dollar or two, write them relatively quickly, and start building your name with them.)

I’m adding some printable worksheets, a couple of tiny printable demos, and the course will be available in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats (exclusively from my site). You’ll have seven Workshop Members Only Daily Progress Boards and a course discussion board. And permanent membership in the course. Price will be $14.99, and should you decide later to take HTRYN, 100% of your purchase price will be cut from your HTRYN price.

Anyway. That’ll be available in another week or so.

And yesterday I got 840 words on World Clinic. I’m averaging about a thousand words a day, so am satisfied with my progress.

And with that, time to get to work.

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2 responses to “Two projects at once: World Clinic and 7-Day Crash-Revision”

  1. KenB Avatar

    I get what your saying about the 10K novellas to break into print, but all my ideas grow and develop to where 10K would not do them any justice.

    I find it hard to keep an idea limited to just 10K words AND tell the story I want to tell.


  2. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    572 words today. Need 350 more for this little project.

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