Two New “33 Mistakes” Books

The 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About… series is gathering momentum, by the way.

Courtroom LawThe newest book up is 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Courtroom Law, by Lynne Murray.

  • Your lawyer-hero did not just solve that case. Know why?
  • Your heroine did not just run into court with evidence that saved the day. Know why?
  • Your great cop did not find those fingerprints. Know why?
  • Your hero’s best friend, a lawyer, did not defend him. Know why?
  • After being sued and losing his case, your guilty villain did not go to jail. Know why?
  • You need to know.

FirearmsLast week’s addition was 33 Worst Mistakes Writers Make About Firearms, by Peter Knight.

  • Your hero did not rush in to save the day with both guns blazing. Know why?
  • Your cop at the crime scene did not find the empty bullets. Know why?
  • Your warrior did not cauterize his wound with gunpowder. Know why?
  • Your Wild West cowgirl did not whip out her revolver and pull the trigger. Know why?
  • Your secret agent did not take out that sniper with her handgun. Know why?

You need to know.

In upcoming weeks, I’ll be adding Genealogy & Family History, Ballet, Hunting, and The Celts, with many more books coming in.

I’ve been repeatedly wowed by the quality of the manuscripts and the breadth of great information I’ve received from the folks participating in this project. If you haven’t tried these books, take a look.

You’ll find the whole series here.

And if have specialized knowledge about a subject writers frequently screw up, and you’d like to write for this series, you can find the details on the 33 Mistakes project toward the end of this course review.

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