Two hours of fiction, nice progress, and wickedness afoot

My MC just met someone who’s going to be important in her life, at least briefly. And has finally discovered the source of the amazing smells coming from one of her neighbors’ houses.

While absolutely terrible things that have been running amok have been, for a moment, slowed down.

The temporary sense of things coming under control is premature, of course.

Very good, very happy writing day. I love what I got, I love the people I’m writing about.

1156 words, 28,198 total, and I left myself in a very good place for tomorrow.

But now it is time to go build pricing boxes and make sure I don’t have any MORE products I forgot to set up for the ten-day half-price writing class sale.

The Ten Day Half Price Writing Class Sale should have started tomorrow, but I’ve delayed the kickoff until NEXT Tuesday (April 18), because I discovered that I hadn’t even set lesson timers on a couple of classes, and I would have had to work the entire weekend to get those missing timers set, AND set up the rest of the pricing boxes, AND build out products shopping carts on the couple of classes I’d missed in the every-second-week versions… and I was exhausted from the previous week’s work, and I would have been prone to error.

This way, there’s no gawdawful rush. I can get my words, do what has to be done, and NEXT Tuesday when the sale goes live, I’ll still be happy and relaxed and in a good mood. Instead of a frazzled wreck running on no sleep.

On that happy note, I’m off to do during five days and normal work hours what I did not try to squeeze into two days working awful hours. 

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