Two down

Two boxes checked off on my Path to Freedom writing board now. At 11:59 pm, I stopped taking new students into my biggest, longest, and most involved writing course, the Legacy version of How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers. Took a picture of my board with its new X… Using my iPhone to enter this and can’t figure out how to ADD the picture, so I’ll put it up tomorrow.

But…two down! And this was a BIG one.


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4 responses to “Two down”

  1. Amazingrace Avatar

    Am so glad I signed up last year!
    What a big load of expectation off your shoulders, Holly. More time now for Candace Drake?

  2. Dee Avatar

    Congrats! Tangible evidence of forward progress is a great motivator. Good luck on the next box!

  3. D J Mills Avatar

    Congrats. Well done! Good luck with the rest of the tasks.

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