Two Awesome Success Stories

By Holly Lisle

I got these e-mails today, and received permission to post both of them.

This one from Liz B.

Hi Holly!
I have to tell you straight away. I’m so excited! I’ve bought the Feb Package yesterday, not for the Writers Block course specifically, it was the Hawkspar draft and revision stuff that sold me. I’m sure that “looking over your shoulder” is going to be an education in itself. But last night, as much as I’m aching to read the Hawkspar stuff, I decided to try How to Beat Writers Block instead. I listened to the first four sections of the course. It’s absolutely brilliant! No — it’s better than that — it’s absolutely bloody brilliant!

I have been blocked for a little more than a week now, trying to finish the revision of my WIP. For some people that wouldn’t be a big deal; the only deadline I have is self-imposed. For me it was a big deal because this is a work that I love. It deserves my best and the last chapter wasn’t nearly as good enough, but I couldn’t fix it. The tricks in the Plot clinic weren’t working for me. BTW that one helped me through the sticky middle of this WIP and is a fabulous course too.

This morning everything fell into place! I KNOW what the answers are to the questions I was afraid to ask. And I’ll bet you already know that my muse has been screaming the answers at me for weeks. It’s so OBVIOUS when you let yourself listen!

Thank you just doesn’t cover it. In the unlikely event that I get published (I’m a realist but I still dream) your name will be front and center the acknowledgments.

All the best, and I do hope that March is a better month for you,

PS. I keep forgetting to put this in. I was lucky enough to be one of the few who recived a signed Talyn hardback last year. I also hit the jackpot again yesterday, when you said I’d get another one. I don’t want to be greedy. You have a lot of fans out there who’d give their right arm … well may not their right arm, it’s really difficult to type one handed … for a signed copy of that. Please send it to one of the people who didn’ t get their order in fast enough to qualify.

So one more person who came in early yesterday gets a signed copy of Talyn. I’ll notify that person as soon as I check the list to see who was next.

And this one from Nancy B. (Different B, though. :D)

So glad I could help. You offer such tremendous resources, it’s the
least one writer can do for another!! Using one of the items I bought
yesterday, I managed to break through a two year block on a project that
I thought was destined for the incinerator (and I can tell you, the main
character has been none too happy about it — he’s been trying to
insinuate himself into every other project, just so his story can be

Hope the turmoil on the homefront settles down so that you can
concentrate on “the book”, and that you and yours stay healthy and

As we used to say in my youth, Peace, man!


I LOVE success stories!

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