Twitter Updates for 2008-10-06

  • Getting ready for the first registration day of Think Sideways since the course opened. Making sure everything is working correctly. #
  • So far, so good. #
  • @BklynWriter You’ve done well. That’s a great first thing for a kid to do on turning 18. #
  • @MarcusAmann Where’s here for you? I love the sound of the rain–would miss it terribly. #
  • Day 5 Birthday Bash Winners: @foxbrains @nightsmusic Congratuations! #
  • What you win: #
  • Where to pick your gifts: #
  • Tell me what you want (Include your Twitter name): #
  • @Hoshichan Mine, too. Perfect weather, the sky is the right color, and the air smells perfect. #
  • @cmcampbell Still slogging. My oldest kid is at the recruiter’s office seeing if she’s eligible to enlist today, and it’s been a zoo. #
  • Okay. Took a few minutes, but Think Sideways is now live. #
  • Still dying the hideous death on Lesson 13. Going to take a break for a couple hours and come back to this fresh. #

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