Twitter Updates for 2008-10-05

  • Up late, working on Lesson 13, the lesson that will not die… #
  • @PolarBear60 Lesson 13? Yeah. Crashed around 5:30 AM on it. Back up to work on it again now. This has been hard. Not big. Just hard. #
  • I’d rather do math than print out hundred of pages. 😀 #
  • Day 4 Birthday Bash Winners: @cosmognome @KittyTaylor Congratulations! #
  • What you won:
    birthday-bash-presents-for-you/#4 #
  • Where to pick your gifts: #
  • How to let me know what you want: #
  • Birthday Bash winners announced early because the Rangers are playing in Prague, and are coming on at NOON. So I’ll be watching them then. #
  • @PolarBear60 They won. Two games in a row. 😀 Lesson is still kicking my ass, though. #
  • @chrismoody If you can’t think of anything you want, you can usually think of something someone else wants. 😀 Makes the day fun. #
  • Vote here for the gift you want: #
  • @chrismoody That was supposed to have gone out to everyone. I sent it just to you? Oy. #
  • @chrismoody Oh, that was responding to your comment about me giving presents on my birthday. #
  • STILL writing Lesson 13. And I haven’t even made it to the technique yet. This is a nightmare. #

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