Twitter Updates for 2008-10-04

By Holly Lisle

  • I haven’t heard from all my winners yet, so I’m re-tweeting both days’ lists #
  • Day One Winners: @joyfulpilgrim @arcticghost @shuaM @jennyrwatson @Erua #
  • Day Two Winners: @ginabad @CherylRainfield @LisaHartjes @erinshakespear #
  • Congrats to my first two days’ winners. How to get your gifts: #
  • And now I’m going to finally get to work on Lesson #13, which got badly derailed over the last two days. #
  • Okay. Cancelled payment. That was an easy fix. #
  • Day Three Winners: @augustfalcon @Gemini_melia @arizela Gifts: #
  • Congratulations! Where to pick your gifts: #
  • How to let me know what you want: #
  • Sending out gifts to the first winners now. Built up a backlog while offline. #

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