Triage Two—The Site Move; What Will Change, How, and Why

Ask your questions about this upcoming weekend’s site move here.

Here are the ones I already have answers for:

  • When will you shut down the forum and shop purchasing?
    Friday evening at 10 PM.
  • Will we be able to buy without using PayPal when the new site is up?
    Yes. I’ll have both Stripe and
  • How will I sign into my account on the new site the first time?
    Type your email address or username into the “Lost Password” box (I’ll send out the link and post it here when it’s time). Create a new—or recreate your old—password, then sign in.Passwords will NOT transfer, so you’ll need to recreate them.

Heres’ the one I don’t have the answer for:

  • How long will the site be unavailable?
    It could be offline for a few hours, or until late at night Sunday 22nd. Even if we don’t have everything done, however, it will be up Monday morning ET. I have my triage list of what HAS to be done before we can take it live, and that will be done first.

    You may end up reporting bugs for a while after that while we shake down the rest.

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3 responses to “Triage Two—The Site Move; What Will Change, How, and Why”

  1. Ruth Avatar

    . . . Don’t forget to breathe . . .

    (yes, you can throw something at me for that one!)

    but seriously, humungeous job, don’t let yourself get fried.

  2. Athena Avatar

    Hi Holly,
    I don’t want to add too much to your plate, but I’m very confused! Hopefully there’s a community member who can answer this.

    I was a member of HTTS forever (it seems) and HTWAS (slightly less than forever), so I was active before the last site move (to Is there a page I can reference that says what I need to do to move accounts and when?

    Thank you!

    1. Holly Avatar

      All you have to do is remember your username, or usernames, OR any email addresses you may have used.

      We have ALREADY moved over all accounts from ALL my courses, plus the old site.

      For everyone who contacted me to fix multiple accounts, those are now done.

      We’ll pick up all purchases and new members from THIS week on Friday night after we’ve shut everything else down.

      So all you have to do is wait for my email telling you the new site is live, then go to the link I send you so you can create your new password and sign in. 😀

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