Triage One—My Jeff Walker “Ugly Workshop” Bonus

By Holly Lisle

JUST ADDED: Jeff went live early. PLF is not available—and you can get his course, and MY bonus, Now.

Here’s the link

Post questions about my Jeff Walker bonus here.

If you have questions about the course that I can answer, ask them, too—but remember, I don’t know what the price is going to be yet, have not yet seen the new version of the course, and my old version has become outdated, as proven by what I’ve already learned from the existing videos.

You’ll get a very solid idea of what the course offers from these three free videos—Video One, Two, and Three—where Jeff uses the process he teaches to present the course he’s teaching. You’ll come in on Video Three. If you haven’t seen the first two, click back to the first one and start there.

Remember that if you have not posted to this blog before, I have to approve your first post, so when you post, don’t re-post. I’ll get your post live as quickly as I can, and answer as soon thereafter as possible.

And because the link to the videos above is my affiliate link (which you must use to get my bonus), let me include my affiliate statement regarding Jeff Walker here:

My Affiliate Statement

Jeff Walker is one of THREE people whose work I recommend without reservation if you’re treating your writing like a business. If you write fiction, he is one of two. (Jimmy D. Brown is great for teaching you how to put together courses, but is not really applicable for fiction writers).
And after a personal invitation from Jeff, I became an affiliate.

Which means if you buy this course through my link, I will get paid.

I was recommending him long before he asked me to be an affiliate, because what I learned from him changed my life immeasurably and for the better.

I would continue to recommend him even if he dropped his affiliate program, and for the same reason. He treats his students with care and understanding, he gives a damn that you succeed, and his course is the best course on the Internet for showing you how to connect your work to the people who will love it.

Holly Lisle

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