Sense of wonder.


Great story.

Holy shit, dudes. Go already.

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9 responses to “TRANSFORMERS. Kicks. Ass.”

  1. TimK Avatar

    Catching up on unread news. Thanks for the tip, Holly. -TimK

  2. Holly Avatar

    PJ–We did the same thing. Promised the kid we’d take him on the fourth, bought tickets for the sneak preview–first showing–on the second.

    There hasn’t been a movie since RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK where I walked out of the show ready to buy tickets and go right back in again, until TRANSFORMERS.

  3. PJ Avatar

    I have two sons – 11 and 6. We had promised them we would go July 6th. We, being wonderful parents (uhem) and impatient to see it ourselves (hey, I’m being honest here), surprised them by taking them opening day, July 3rd.

    I thought they were going to leap out of their skins! They were so happy – and they were so into the story, they barely moved for the entire movie…even the 6-year old. It was that mesmerizing.

    At one point, I forgot I was at the theatre. So I have to back up Holly’s statements.

    This movie rocks!

  4. Irtanu Avatar

    Saw it last night. Best movie of the year. So much fun to see with a big croup and packed theater. 🙂

  5. tambo Avatar

    Yep, it was grand! We saw it Monday night, the opening show, and it’s the best movie of the summer so far. Although DieHard was fun, too, just not OMG COOL!!

  6. Steph Avatar

    Agreed. It was an adult-size portion of my childhood smothered in awesome sauce.

    Also: I got my books. Thank you much!

  7. Irtanu Avatar

    I’m getting a group to go tomorrow night. I can’t fucking wait. 🙂

  8. TinaK Avatar

    We’re going this weekend! To the drive-in. Can’t wait.

  9. heather Avatar

    My husband is taking me to the drive-in to see this for our (8th) anniversary tomorrow! I cannot wait!

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