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I do background. Lots of it. The following is a small portion of my background for the Novels of Korre, which feature a still-sometimes-nomadic, though now-sort-of-settled culture of folks who call themselves the Tonk.

The first novel set in the world of Korre is Talyn. Some of this material showed up in Talyn, while some showed up in Hawkspar, the second Korre novel. Some of it you’ll only be able to find here.

Most of these are LARGE. jpgs. Be warned, if you’re on a slow connection, you’ll have a wait. I’ve set them up so that each will open in a new window. Please note that all of these images are copyrighted, and neither the images nor the content may be copied or reproduced in any form.

TALYN Background

HAWKSPAR Background

All the previous stuff remains relevant. The following is material on the Tonk wolf-ships, which don’t show up in Talyn, as well as on the Ossalene Rite and the Sinali ships.


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2 responses to “Tonk Stuff”

  1. Todd Spaulding Avatar

    I’m trying to find out more of the tonk meanings which I thought would be here but either I’m not looking at it right or something has changed, I’m not finding out what I had hoped to find out about the books of Korre, and to which one I should read first or such? Can I get a little help explaining some of this??

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Hi, Todd. The first book is Talyn. The second is Hawkspar. The material I have here is all just background and worldbuilding — pieces I used to understand the world I was writing in and to figure out logistics, cultures. It’s essentially background for folks who already like the books and know the world, so it isn’t helpful for anyone who hasn’t read them. Aside, I guess, from showing a bit of how fictional sausage gets made.

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