Tomorrow is Friday Snippets

By Holly Lisle

I’ve decided that for Friday Snippets tomorrow, I’m going to post one complete tool from the ones I’ve finished. Furthermore, I’m going to let you folks pick which tool. The tool I post will still be in unedited first draft, and will therefore still be subject to the usual typos, spellos, bad writing, worse writing, and plastic surgery by pen come revision time. But even in their current shape, all the existing tools are entirely workable.

Everything that has just the name of the tool is in the When Things Are Going Well section. Those with the word Awake preceding the tool name are in the When Things Go Splat section.

Voting won’t close until I’m ready to post the snippet tomorrow–sometime between 10 AM and 3 PM or so. If you’re not sure when you’ll be back here, vote early.


FINAL RESULTS BELOW 12:17, Apr. 13, 2007



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