Today’s objectives:

Better than a thousand words on Midnight Rain, bringing Alan and Phoebe together romantically while driving a wedge between them as a team against a common danger (they don’t know it’s a common danger yet); and on Wreck of Heaven, rework the manuscript (or as much of it as I can get to in one day) to introduce the improved driving force behind Lauren’s assault on the gates of Heaven to get Brian back. It’s the best reason someone could actually risk everything, and its strong enough that she would have gone to Hell to get him for the same reason. And she doesn’t seem selfish anymore for using this tremendous power she has to go after a dead husband just for herself. I’m excited. And it won’t entail huge changes in the book either — a line here and a line there.

I love revisions that make huge gains for minimal output. 🙂

Some of the other stuff I have to do to the manuscript is much harder and more labor-intensive, of course. But I figure that shower idea probably saved me ten hours.

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