Today’s objective: Save what can be saved…

By Holly Lisle

Over the last thirty years, I’ve gotten really efficient at revisions. I have my simple, streamlined system, I go through once, I go through fast…

And all that shit broke down with THIS book, because I wrote the wrong novel. 

I got sidetracked by a character who is wrong for the book, wrong for the world, wrong for the worldbuilding, wrong for the plot… and very, VERY wrong for the future of the series.

Worse, I centered the novel around that character.

This isn’t case of removing some ancillary stuff. This is a case of saving what can be saved (IF I’M LUCKY, about a third of the manuscript), totally replotting new story into the places where the old story was, and tying what I can save in with the new stuff smoothly.

Done for the day, but today was progress by inches.

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