Today was Religion and Economics

By Holly Lisle

Religion was a combination of head-down slog and great fun—the section required a lot of background work on the enormous number of religions and philosophies available for the culture-builder to draw on, but it also included the fun of covering pantheon-building, liturgies and services, and other goodies.

And economics might sound like a drag, but when you’re developing (or figuring out) your barter-economy culture (for example), it really does help to know how many live chickens a black-market drug dealer would accept for three ounces of cocaine, or the equivalent.

I’m done for the day. Got over 2500 words, and I like them. Better yet, I’m keeping the size of this project in line, and now think I’ll be able to bring it in pretty close to my goal wordcount. Which means a print book will be doable at a sane price.

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