Today was Religion and Economics

Religion was a combination of head-down slog and great fun—the section required a lot of background work on the enormous number of religions and philosophies available for the culture-builder to draw on, but it also included the fun of covering pantheon-building, liturgies and services, and other goodies.

And economics might sound like a drag, but when you’re developing (or figuring out) your barter-economy culture (for example), it really does help to know how many live chickens a black-market drug dealer would accept for three ounces of cocaine, or the equivalent.

I’m done for the day. Got over 2500 words, and I like them. Better yet, I’m keeping the size of this project in line, and now think I’ll be able to bring it in pretty close to my goal wordcount. Which means a print book will be doable at a sane price.

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12 responses to “Today was Religion and Economics”

  1. Gabriele Avatar

    Ok, and what ate those -s- now?

  2. Gabriele Avatar

    2500 live chicken? That settles it. I’m going to grow the stuff on my balcony and get a chemical laboratory in the cellar, it’s a lot easier than hiding all those bloody chicken. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. LadyQ Avatar

    I was hoping it would be out in time for Christmas so I could put it on my list. First of November–even better! I might not even wait for Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. PolarBear Avatar

    2500 chickens, eh? You could get them into a tractor trailer rig, I think. Might work if you’re near major highways. Back roads? Not so much.

  5. Holly Avatar

    I’m hoping to have the thing available around the first of November. If I can get it done earlier without rushing it, I will.

  6. Cuyler Avatar

    No, its for her culture clinic, which I can’t wait until it comes out. It shows us how to build cultures. Keep it up Holly. Thanks for doing this.

  7. joela Avatar

    i think i missed something here. are religion and trade Holly’s new topics for her book?

  8. Jim Avatar

    Three ounces of cocaine. That’s a LOT.

    (Of course, there was the time I had to e-mail company security and say…er, if my number comes up for a drug test, I was with the head of the local narc squad last night and handled his key brick of cocaine….)

    So…at current rates, that would be about 2500 chickens. The deal would be rather difficult to hide…

    (And I know, I know, I still owe you … I’m working on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Rick Avatar

    Live chickens… for three ounces of cocaines? Huh. I miss writing.

  10. Chassit Avatar

    By the way, are you feeling any better?

  11. Chassit Avatar

    That’s great to hear, Holly! I’ll look forward to this one like I do everything you put out!

  12. fionaphoenix Avatar

    Yay, another step closer! D’ya think you’ll be done in time for us to get a copy before NaNoWriMo? (no pressure or anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

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