Today was FUN, wordwise.

I discovered some new things about the town yesterday, and today I got to spend some time building those spiffy bits out.

The Lesser God of Barbecue made an appearance.

My MC’s primary ally discovered she knew something he didn’t about the town, at the same time that’s she’s discovered a weird little thing she inherited from her grandmother.

It was a very good day.

And now, having gotten words, I’m off to build pricing boxes for the writing classes again. Because while the shop is not going to open immediately when we take the new site software live, I’m holding over the half-price sale for ten days on the new software so folks who were locked out of the site can still get them. And then all the prices will automatically roll over to full price when the countdown ends.

(The new shopping cart software does some very nice things the old one couldn’t. But it does take some significant set-up.)

I got 630 words, and have 6,842 total on the book, and I continue to love what I’m getting.

And I’ll note that while the first five books will be numbered 1-5, they’ll be the ONLY books in the series that will be better when read in order. Later books in the series will be non-sequential stand-alones than can be read in any order. Including first.

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