Today was fun … 1344 words, 8,173 total

This morning, in spite of what felt like a hard start of my brain with its engine cold, once I got rolling, I flew.

The story took a turn that surprised me, even as it still took me right through the events I was planning. It just didn’t present them to me in anything like the way I’d expected, and I didn’t end up where I thought I would. I landed someplace better.

There are villains… and they escaped.

Good guys… and they were left empty handed.

And a discovery about the nature of a key player that I’m looking forward to continuing tomorrow, and that I damn near couldn’t even pull myself away from today, because I discovered something so cool about, of all things… the owner of a private library that’s sitting in my MC’s house. And I wanted to find out the rest.

But I set limits on how much I write each day for very good reasons.

So I have big fun waiting for me in my end-of-the-week words. And I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what happens next.

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