Today was BIG… good words, but also landed a huge PIVOT scene

And made myself cry.

That might not seem like a big deal. But this was a crucial scene in the book in which my MC has just come through an massive ordeal, and found one moment in time in which she got to say goodbye to her person in the world — the one who’d meant the most to her in her life…

And what she had to do in order to do that was horrific. And then, at the end, she discovers this crazy, tiny little gift that she had all along, except she hadn’t known it was a gift until right at that moment.

And BAM. Serious, embarrassing waterworks.

Very glad I had the office to myself when I did this, because I hate to cry, and even worse hate to do it in front of anyone else.

Thing is, there are parts of your life that you tear out of yourself and translate into fiction. And the ones that hurt back when they were real hurt again when they show up on the page.

They do make for a pretty spiffy moment in the plot, though.

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