Today: Revisions

By Holly Lisle

Yesterday, I did get my WFH1 manuscript printed out (it’s so tiny!) but while I was printing, I allowed myself to submerge in "C" — sweet seduction, glorious fun. But not exactly what I needed to do.

Today, I’m starting into actual WFH1 revisions. I’ve decided for every fifty pages of manuscript I revise, I’m going to give myself ten minutes of "C," just because I can’t keep my hands off it. That way, I’ll make progress where I need to, and still have joy of submerging myself in this story I love.

Because I have to do write-in and type-in on WFH1, and I still want to be able to track my progress on the WIP bar, I’m going to half-track. That is, for every 2000 words I revise on paper, I’ll count 1000. That way, when I finish write-in, the WIP bar will accurately show me halfway done with the revision. I’ll do the same thing with type-in — adding 1000 words for every 2000 words I do.

So that’s today. Onward.

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