Today, Language and HAWKSPAR

By Holly Lisle

This morning, I’m starting on the Worldbuilding Clinic, specifically the Create a Language section. I finished outlining that section yesterday, and already I’m seeing a problem with the Worldbulding Clinic — as outlined, the Create A Language section is going to be really big, and full of charts and diagrams and print-out-and-use sheets and illustrations.

For e-book download purposes, I’m limited to a file size of about 2 MB per book, with 1 MB being optimal ( a lot of people are still on very slow dial-up connections, and I’ve maintained everything on the site to keep it accessible to as many people as possible).

I’m looking nervously at this this as it’s going together, and thinking that the Language unit alone could go 2 MB in PDF format, and the Worldbuilding Clinic is going to include not just language development, but my techniques for mapping worlds, continents, cities, towns and wilderness; creating sentient nonhuman species; creating cultures; creating religions; building weather and disasters; developing flora and fauna; developing transportation; designing magic systems; developing political landscapes; and a handful of smaller things, like costuming and warfare design and making buildings fit climates and creating jobs for low-tech civilizations.

All of these are chart-and-illustration-heavy processes.

I’m seeing some logistical issues here.

This afternoon, I’m editing HAWKSPAR. By comparison, that’s going to be pretty simple.

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