Today is type-in day

The run through the print copy of the first five chapters of THE RUBY KEY proved hugely productive. I did heavy edits, hit all the points my editor requested, found a few typos and goofs, and made notes on storylines I need to follow through the rest of the book. I ended up ditching the initial language I developed for the nightlings. It was too soft and sweet, and I needed something with more of an edge. Developed a new linguistic sound and have swapped out terms, but kept the cool definitions and structure I created for the nightlings originally.

So today I’m typing in these changes—about 100 pages worth of manuscript. Not sure how long it’ll take, but I currently have 20,385 words finished. I’m clearing the WIP counter, and will update as I move through the pages. I’d like to get some new words today, but I’ll be satisfied to get the type-in out of the way.

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2 responses to “Today is type-in day”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Done with the type-in, and for the day. Tomorrow wil make up writing schedule, and start on new pages.

    Katherine—Hated to get rid of the old version, but I’ll probably keep the script (with appropriate changes, of course). And the rest was just a consonant overhaul. All the rules still apply.

  2. klharrds Avatar

    Sounds like you’ve made huge progress, well done!

    It’s a shame about the nighling language though, it looked really cool in the CaLC. I’m looking forward to see how the new version looks.

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