Today, 1983 words and a scene WAY out of order… (and yesterday…)

By Holly Lisle

Ran out of time to blog yesterday — so this is going to have to cover both days.

I got 912 words yesterday, and did some more worldbuilding. It was an important day because I figured out the big element in an upcoming scene —

And TODAY wrote that great scene, forgetting that it was going to have to be the big MID-NOVEL conflict scene.

So after writing the majority of that scene today, which I love, by the way, I moved it to Chapter 17.

And tomorrow, I will write the scene in Chapter 7 that I should have written today.

Good words. Wrong place. It happens. With modern word processing (as opposed to the manual typewriter I used when I was getting started) it’s no big deal.

Cut and Paste is AWESOME.


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