To write WARPAINT, I have to change my schedule

By Holly Lisle

This comes down to priorities and plans.

I want to get both Cadence Drake: Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood and Cadence Drake: Warpaint into print this year. That’s my priority.

I’d planned to move BOTH How to Think Sideways and How to Revise Your Novel to public versions this year, then write Warpaint while finishing the HTTS Walkthrough, and the extension to How To Write A Series.

Only I was standing in the shower late last week and the hot water hitting my head apparently landed on the reality center of my skull with a bit of extra oomph, because I realized it’s already AUGUST, and I’ve been working just about full-time moving How To Think Sideways to the public version since LAST YEAR.

Granted, I had to find and put together an entirely new delivery platform in order to do this, Margaret had to build new software for me, we had to test it, I had to proof and format the biggest and most complicated course I have, I had to set up every single item that can be downloaded as a separate product, learn the software that allows me to link everything together, get the lessons formatted, create all the sales pages for the lessons on my shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple (and still pending, but gonna have to wait a bit now) Kobo.

The build-a-new platform stuff is done. All those product edits, formats, uploads, linking and delivery setups, tests, and sales pages AREN’T.

And, now that I know the process, I have to concede this point to reality. I don’t have time to do both.

How to Revise Your Novel is already on a working platform. Students can take it right now. It isn’t available everywhere, but it IS available. Warpaint isn’t.

Best case, I could take How to Revise Your Novel public by mid-November, if everything that didn’t break my way this time broke my way next time. But I’d have to work as hard on that as I have on HTTS, and I couldn’t write Warpaint.

I’m writing Warpaint, dammit. I’ll get as many of my novel reprints online at the same time, I’ll do as much as I can on the Walkthrough and the Write A Series extension.

But first and foremost…

…on NOVEMBER 15th, 2012, I’m publishing Warpaint: A Cadence Drake Novel.

It is going up on my site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and if possible Kobo (having some odd problems with them right now, so I’m not promising that platform).

How to Revise Your Novel will make the jump to public in 2013.

And for the writing neepists among you. Here is my writing schedule.

Cadence Drake WARPAINT Numbers

Existing words: 21,430
Total words needed: 80,000
Words to completion: 58,570

Available working days to publication: 64

Revision: 14 days
Formatting and Pub: 7 days
Weekends reserved for other work–cannot be used for buffer.

64 – 21 = 43

58570 √∑ 43 = 1362 words per day BEST CASE

Preferred Pace: 2000 WPD

58570 √∑ 2000 = 29.285 rounds to 30 working days.

Starting date: August 16.
Publication Date: November 15.

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