To quote Meatloaf, “Some days it don’t come easy…”

It is a Monday.

I’m trying to be objective by keeping that in mind.

Mondays can be a bit tricky sometimes, and this was one of those.

So… I got words…

They fit, they moved the story forward, they let me build out the obstacle my characters are facing, and I genuinely like what I got.

I just didn’t get as MUCH of it as I wanted…

Turns out, this simply was not one of those “Red Bull Gives You Wings” flying-fingers, galloping plot kinds of days. I’m wrapping up, and hoping that tomorrow, the story will take off for me a bit more smoothly.

Because frankly, the “wings” days are a whole lot more fun.

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One response to “To quote Meatloaf, “Some days it don’t come easy…””

  1. dragon Avatar

    Yeah, wings on the fingers is so much more fun than … OK, I know there’s another word … where is it? <laughter> Thanks for sharing the process or is that the progress?

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