Time for a book in a month

Not one of my full-sized 120,000-150,000 word novels, of course. This is a nice, sane, book in a month. Here are the stats on my goals.

I want to write 60,000 words. That works out, at my current page layout, to 207 words per page, which rounds out to:

290 pages
16 chapters — 18.125 pages per chapter
9 pages per scene
32 scenes
29 days to May 1st
10 pages per day — (2070 words per day)

I’m writing a YA novel on spec, and I unfortunately don’t have a huge amount of free time. Finally got my damned taxes done. I don’t have an outline for this, have done no worldbuilding, have put not a single note on paper. I just have this conflict in mind, and a neat bit of magic that is causing some nasty problems, and two kids, about fifteen and about thirteen, who find themselves in some nasty trouble. It’ll be high fantasy, but aside from that, I really don’t know a lot.

I’m looking forward to this. I have absolutely nothing to lose on it, and utter freedom, and I’m curious to see where this idea of mine will take me. So I’ll be posting snippets and comments and stuff as I go. You’ll get to find out pretty much as I do how the process is working. Tightrope with no net and deep fog. I think it sounds fun, and pretty exciting. How about you?

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