Three Wizards of Death

Hawkspar has found that her destiny is to die, and that before she dies, she will have to conquer three wizards, two of whom are already dead, but even more a threat because of that. The first binds her eyes; the second, her voyage; and the third, the life of the man she loves. It’s an odd bit of backstory that has been gradually creeping out on me, unplanned — I hadn’t seen the parallels between the three in the first draft, or the second. Now in the rewrite, I’m discovering some unexpected depth in their presence in her life, in the ways she and they are chained together, and in the manner in which she will have to break those chains, sometimes with help, and sometimes without. I’m seeing how these three evil men are echoes of Talyn in TALYN, too.

The Woman in White is back, and remains as much a mysterious character to me in this book as she was in TALYN. I find myself wanting to know her story, and how she came to do the things she does.

And I’ve discovered that Ethebet (Saint Ethebet, of the Five Saints of the Tonk, patron of war, childbirth, and a host of other things) was not born Tonk, but was morii. And now I find myself wanting to know the whole of Ethebet’s story, as well. It’s been an unsettling writing session so far.

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9 responses to “Three Wizards of Death”

  1. Holly Avatar

    A hagiography would be cool. A few books into this world (providing sales allow me to keep it alive) it would also be really useful.

    Those are almost always the work of other writers who love a universe and work with the books, the author’s notes, and other goodies to organize and index the world. Aside from Tolkein, I don’t think too many authors do their own.

  2. scottbryan Avatar

    Maybe an “unofficial” hagiaography like all the books about the Potter-verse? Sounds a whole lot more interesting then a history of Quidditch!

  3. joela Avatar

    this sounds far more involved and complex than talyn. Argh! Publish soon!

  4. Angelique Avatar

    I bet each of your Saints have an equally engaging story to be told 🙂

  5. Jim Avatar

    And thus, creation is become a process of discovery, as your subconscious makes connections between the characters of your world that you had never expected.
    Thus are the seeds sown of a novel destined to be much greater than Talyn, as I read the redes. And seeds sown for future novels of Korre.

  6. PJ Avatar

    Have you kicked your cold yet? Gabriele is right – you have to watch some of those characters that pop their way into your story – mine showed up the other evening.

    “Say, is this where an outside character can sneak in and, say, derail your other characters for a while? No? Well, tough! Here I am! Deal with me.”

    Now I’m finding my self studying conlanging just to create a language to accommodate him, pushy thing that he is. 🙂 Still, I like him – and he’s cute in an earthy, native kind of way.

  7. Alphabeter Avatar

    Stephen King didn’t start out to have a lot of his books have crossovers and connections, but it organically came quite a world.

    Go Holly!

  8. Gabriele Avatar

    Lol, don’t get me started on mysterious characters. And it doesn’t get better once they do reveil their backstory.

    *glares at Artcois vic Caradoc* whose real name, it turns out, is Atrectus son of Andecarus. He’s not born tribal leader of the Votadini, but was adopted and had been a Roman auxiliary officer of the Germano-Celtic Tungrians. He also knows more about the vanishing of the Ninth Legion in the north of Scotland than he should, and it seems he has a foot in both camps, the tribal one and the Roman, and his own agenda.

    If I’m not careful, Artcois is going to hijack part of my plot. Beware that woman in white. *grin*

  9. Zonk Avatar

    Interesting parallel here to the three Biblical areas of temptation; the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life…
    Hope you feel better, but you know the old saw; If you don’t take anything for a cold/flu, it lasts a week, but if you take something it will only last seven days.

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